08/04/2023 • Laboratory appliances • Laboratory installation / Services

The Fastest Muffle Kiln in the World: Phoenix Black

The high-tech muffle kilns from CEM, the Phoenix Black and the Phoenix Black SAS, are used for the dry ashing of plastics, oils, foodstuffs, animal foods, grains, etc., for the determination of the ignition loss and the remainder. Also the determination of the structure of the charge, the melting and fusion products such as for element analysis, and drying, smoldering and heat treatments. In a pharmaceutical environment, they are used for the determination of sulfate ash acc. to European medical standards. The DAB procedure is reduced from virtually a whole day’s work to around 90 minutes by the SAS version. In addition, multiple samples can be ashed at the same time.

Innovation: The advantages of these kilns are a drastic reduction of processing time and a ‘clean’ work environment. The built-in air extraction system removes smoke and vapors automatically. What previously took hours with conventional apparatus can now be achieved with the Phoenix apparatus in just minutes.

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