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Flow Field Thermal Gradient Hyper-Fast Gaz Chromatograph

The Gaz chromatograph enables hyper-fast cycle times at a second scale thanks to the creation of a 'flow field thermal gradient'. It has a high resolution and peak of +/– 250. The high retention time stability via a water-cooled column support, low starting temperature of 25° C and resistive heating with a low thermal mass lead to low energy consumption. The device uses standard column materials and consumables and is CE certified.

Innovation: Patented 'Flow Field Thermal Gradient' technology. No oven: 4 meters separation column is inserted into a resistively heated steel capillary. The advantages are:

  • thermal gradient generated through the creation of a 'flow field' around the heated capillary: increase of the flow velocity; inlet of the column is hotter than the outlet
  • water cooling of the column support for a stable retention time: the carrier of the heated capillary is kept at a constant temperature via coolant circulation (not dependent on lab temperature)
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