08/04/2023 • Laboratory appliances • Laboratory installation / Services

Brave B-Curious – OF2i Sensor Platform

Brave Analytics develops and produces process sensor devices for automated, time-resolved and on-line nanoparticle characterization with single-particle accuracy. The principle of our patented Optofluidic Force Induction technology (OF2i) is targeted acceleration and deceleration of nanoparticles in liquids using laser light. Statistically relevant results for properties such as particle size, size distribution, concentration and, if possible, particle shape can be determined by analyzing these patterns.

Innovation: OF2i is designed and set up as a platform technology; it can be used in the laboratory and extended to monitor production processes and offers therefore the unique possibility of checking particle size, concentrations and distribution during the production process, rather than waiting for lab results. Currently, there is no comparable product which offers the same possibilities on the market.

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