08/04/2023 • Microscopy / Imaging

The Nanoimager

The Nanoimager microscope can perform different super-resolution microscopy techniques and single-molecule imaging of both fixed and live biological samples all the way down to 20 nm, all in one compact instrument, showing life at the nanoscale. Its helps researchers to see, track and measure cellular dynamics, protein distribution and the behavior of single molecules in real time.

Innovation: The innovation of the Nanoimager lies in its footprint of less than a sheet of A4 paper. It is stable and vibration-resistant; an optical table or dark room is unnecessary, and it can be easily integrated into various laboratory setups. The microscope has incredibly powerful lasers and temperature control that enable single-molecule localization microscopy in fixed samples (dSTORM, DNA-PAINT), single particle tracking and PALM in live samples, smFRET to look at protein interactions, TIRF or HiLO illumination for signal-to-noise improvement, widefield imaging and confocal imaging for faster results.

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