08/04/2023 • Microscopy / Imaging

zenCELL owl – Incubator Microscope

Leave your cells where they belong: in the incubator! The zenCELL owl is a cell culture monitoring incubator microscope with 24 cameras, built for long-term experiments. It runs 24 individual experiments in parallel under the same stable conditions, and carries out simultaneous automated data analysis that provides robust and reliable data sets. Non-invasive and stable growth of cell cultures increases their stability and the reproducibility. This minimizes the loss of valuable samples and resources and keeps the quality of your cell cultures stable.

Innovation: The zenCELL owl offers time and resource saving advantages and higher reproducibility of data through improved cell culture stability and time-lapse imaging and analysis. It offers parallelization of 24 experiments running under the same stable conditions, reducing stress factors, and generating robust and comparable data sets, while increasing experimental efficiency with a high benefit-cost ratio.

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