08/04/2023 • Microscopy / Imaging

Bye Bye Finger Pricking – Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring by DiaMonTech

Founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2015, DiaMonTech is a Med Tech company that has developed a novel technology to measure biomarkers non-invasively. The first product is a blood sugar monitor that makes finger-pricking a thing of the past. The device monitors the glucose molecules in skin, providing users with a comprehensive and accurate reading comparable to invasive commercial devices.

Backed by investors such as Samsung and a global medtech player, our diversely skilled team is now turning this technology into a portable medical product, the D-Pocket. The patented technology is called ‘photothermal spectroscopy’ and is completely new in the context of blood glucose measurement, based on the absorption of light by the substance to be measured. The technology is protected by over 80 filed patents in all major regions of the world (EU, USA, China). More than 30 of those patents are already granted and DiaMonTech also own IP rights on the design of the D-Pocket.

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