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Telenot Electronic GmbH: histar Dual 1012

Telenot Electronic GmbH: Infrared Microwave Motion Detector

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The histar Dual 1012 infrared microwave motion detector is designed for monitoring indoor areas for intrusion. It detects infrared heat radiation via its mirror optics and also has an integrated microwave sensor. At 12 meters, the monitoring range of the histar Dual is 20 percent larger than comparable detector types for room monitoring.

The detector is approved for VdS class B, as well as EN50131:grade 2 or in the AM version with additional cover and undervoltage monitoring incl. wall breakaway protection according to VdS class C or EN50131:grade 3. The histar Dual detectors can be used in all current Telenot intrusion detection systems. The shapely design blends inconspicuously into the room design.

The detector uses innovative microprocessor-controlled signal processing with new Snap technology (Selective neuron algorithm with power management) in combination with a hitherto unique digital pyroelement. This enables excellent false alarm security and outstanding detection characteristics.

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