06/01/2023 • Fire prevention • Machine safety, industrial safety

Linde Material Handling: Linde Motion Detection

Linde Material Handling: Forklift Assistance System

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Many work-related accidents in warehouse environments occur when counterbalance trucks are reversing. Pedestrians often rely on being seen by the operator of the truck. Due to the blind spot, it is often not possible for the forklift driver to see the entire area behind the truck.

The result are collisions between the truck and pedestrians or between two trucks. This is where the assistance system Linde Motion Detection comes in. Mounted on counterbalanced trucks, the system detects movements behind the stationary vehicle and prevents it from reversing.

At the same time, the driver is warned by the display and pedestrians and other forklift drivers are warned by an acoustic signal. Active intervention by the driver is not required; the use of this assistance system prevents operating or human error.

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