06/01/2023 • Machine safety, industrial safety

Pizzato Elettrica S.r.l: P-KUBE

Pizzato Elettrica S.r.l: Smart Safety Handle

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The P-KUBE Smart safety handle, combined with RFID safety sensors, allows to create an effective interlock system for all guards on machines without inertia.

The handle integrates an orientable block with an RFID TAG that can be detected by the sensor as a normal actuator. The block can always be correctly oriented toward the sensor, thus making the handle suitable for any installation (hinged or sliding doors, horizontal or vertical etc.). The front band of the grip is available in satin chrome or backlit white finishes, with the option of integrating a control button to interact with the machinery.

The RGB LEDs in the backlit grip allow local signalling of the guard status using different colours and fully customisable sequences. These features give to machine manufacturers the chance to optimise the cost of components by eliminating peripheral control boxes and illuminated signalling columns.

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