06/01/2023 • Machine safety, industrial safety

Meister Automation GmbH: Multialert mini

Meister Automation GmbH: Fire Protection Control for Control Cabinets and Machine Plants

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Fires break out in companies in Germany every 5 minutes. A defective electrical system is a frequent cause of fires. AMFE, the VdS-approved mini fire extinguisher, detects and extinguishes fires in control cabinets. For larger or multiple control cabinets, several AMFE extinguishers are required that are triggered simultaneously. This is handled by the Multialert mini control unit.

The Multialert mini is operated directly inside the control cabinet at 24 volts, and will integrate into the fire detection systems on site. Depending on the requirements, it combines AMFEs and smoke detectors. In addition, it can use audio-visual signals to draw attention to the fire and report it to superordinate systems. After triggering, the system itself is ready for use again via an integrated reset.

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