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At Bucharest public transport provider, ASSA ABLOY’s Incedo™ access control system proves its flexibility in operating an integrated time and attendance solution

London, October 2022 – The Bucharest Transport Company (STB) provides public transit for Romania’s capital city and the surrounding area. They operate a range of tram, bus and trolleybus services — around 2,000 vehicles in total — from several depots and terminals*. To manage time, attendance and ID for a staff of approximately 11,000 people, they sought an innovative, user-friendly technology solution.

Their chosen solution needed to be easy to deploy to multiple STB locations: Robust, secure credential readers would be placed at all convenient staff timekeeping points.

“The most difficult part was to find a reliable, integrated software and hardware solution that can monitor time and attendance for 11,000 employees in many locations,” explains STB’s Dan Horhoianu.

The answer was an Incedo Business system with ASSA ABLOY EAC-M50 controllers and R10 iCLASS readers.

The flexibility of Incedo adapts to more than just access control

Across multiple STB premises, Incedo’s easy-to-install controllers are managed by Plus software. A fully documented API and technical support helped to streamline the process of integrating Incedo with the PrimeTimeKeeping time-and-attendance software package.

The Incedo platform is designed to connect all kinds of business software and hardware within a single system. Plus is the ecosystem’s management option for interoperating with third-party software: It facilitates integration with multiple devices and services to help organizations do even more from a single interface.

“Incedo hardware, smoothly integrated with time and attendance software, delivering the best solution for our staff,” adds Mr Horhoianu.

“Incedo is already deployed as an integrated access control system at all kinds of premises across Europe,” adds Joachim Mahlstedt, Commercial Director DAS at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions. “From one interface, organizations manage readers alongside battery-powered Aperio wireless locks, PULSE locks powered by energy-harvesting technology and more.”

“Its integration-ready software also readily adapts to connecting other key business functions — including attendance and ID.”

Incedo is modular by design: STB can scale their system, in either direction, on demand. Hardware and components were fast and straightforward for STB’s installer to fit.

STB can easily choose to extend the reach of their Incedo Business system at a later date — or add access control anytime.

To learn more about ASSA ABLOY’s Incedo platform, visit

*: www.stbsa.ro/eng/unitati_exploatare_eng

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