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The CellScrew Innovation is a patented single-use cell cultivation system for adherent cell cultures. Such cells are used, for example, in the production of vaccines and cell and gene therapeutics. Compared to conventional systems, the device provides a significant increase in efficiency in the manufacture of upscale biopharmaceutical products that can then be produced either in larger volumes or at less cost. Simultaneously, the cell cultivation can be realized for the first time with CO2-neutral materials thanks to an innovative manufacturing process.

The CellScrew is the first cell culture vessel worldwide that is made out of a plant-based plastic (PLA). Instead of just using the inner surface of the bottle as a growth surface, this new system has an Archimedes screw in the inside of the bottle. The culture medium can be drawn along the screw by rotating the tilted container. There is then a 10 to 20 times larger growth surface within the dimensions of a standard roller bottle.

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