07/29/2022 • Microscopy / Imaging

VHX-7000N Digital Microscope

The VHX-7000N is Keyence's latest innovation that adds elemental analyzer capabilities to the company’s digital microscope. It can change magnification from 20x - 6000x while staying in focus, and capture 4K high-resolution images. Once captured, the system can perform 2D and 3D image measurements, particle counting and cleanliness testing. The device pulses a laser onto the sample for a short period and analyzes the emitted light and gas to determine the substance’s elemental makeup.

The EA-300 is ideal for performing foreign particle analysis and ad-hoc material testing that would typically need an SEM EDS. It also contains a large database of elemental patterns to instantly determine the detected elements and suggest the material name. For the semiconductor industry, it can be used for flip chip bonding, packaging, photomasking, wire bonding, and photolithography applications.

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