07/29/2022 • Microscopy / Imaging

Process Guardian

The Process Guardian Raman spectrometer collects up to 40x more photons than conventional PAT systems. This accelerates data acquisition because there is an almost linear relationship between the number of photons at the detector and the measurement time. Completely new applications are enabled, such as fast protein analysis in the biopharma downstream sector where, with slow measurements, the eluate has already flowed past before it can even be measured.

For ppm analytics in chemical reaction control, minutes become seconds, and production processes can be run with high precision. For installations in industrial EX zones, acceptable measurement times can be attained even when installed with ATEX-compliant reduced laser power. Explicitly designed for process applications, the spectrometer fits into typical 19" racks and has an integrated display for operation without a separate PC as well as ModBus or OPC connectivity.

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