07/29/2022 • Microscopy / Imaging

MPX-1040: a Turnkey, Portable and Flexible Multiphoton Microscope

The MPX-1040 is a turnkey, compact, and easy-to-use multimodal microscope, combining different imaging techniques: 2 and 3-photon, higher harmonics, and widefield microscopy of samples ranging from single cells up to living animals. Confocal resolution and a high penetration depth makes it a versatile 3D microscope, even for label-free markers such as collagen in the tissue.

Key features are the fully integrated, high-power, tunable fs-fiber laser and the free-moving scan head, providing imaging flexibility even for non-experts. The microscope consists only of two compact parts: a small air-cooled controller unit with an integrated PC and a compact imaging scan head, both connected through a flexible umbilical cord. Key features are the fully integrated high-power wavelength tunable femtosecond fiber laser engine, resonant-galvo-galvo scanning, up to 4 highly sensitive PMTs, high-performance wide-field imaging, and a motorized objective turret.

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