07/29/2022 • Microscopy / Imaging

DriveAFM - High-performance atomic force microscopy

The DriveAFM is a fully-motorized atomic force microscope developed for applications in materials science, physics and chemistry and life sciences. It is the first fully motorized tip-scanning AFM with photothermal excitation that can be used as a benchtop system or can also be incorporated with inverted optical microscopes for combined AFM and optical microscopy. Its 100 x 100 x 20 µm3 scanner resolves µm-sized structures and atomic lattices.

It features photothermal cantilever excitation (PTE), which ensures stable operation not only but particularly in liquid environments. PTE is the basis for fast off-resonance imaging and temporally resolved mass measurements at the nanogram level, overcomes the ‘forest of peaks’ found with piezo-based cantilever excitation in liquids and provides a cantilever response across the whole frequency spectrum. The device is capable of characterizing the nanomechnical and nanoelectrical (e.g. KPFM, PFM, SMM) properties of many different samples.

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