08/08/2022 • Automation • IT Security / Cyber Security

Protect OT Systems from Cyber Threats

Intrusion prevention and next generation firewalls

The small "bump-in-wire" EtherCatch series IPS device and the EtherFire series IPS firewall protect critical assets such as PLCs and HMIs at the edge of OT networks.

EtherCatch and EtherFire, which feature OT-certified DPI technology, can audit network traffic and provide users with visibility of existing assets and connections, enabling administrators and operators to understand the health of more current OT systems through fine-grained monitoring and control of cyber activity.

Real-time visibility and centralised management

The Security Dashbord Console (SDC) software allows administrators to manage all IPS systems from one location. The SDC can orchestrate and automate security policies, monitor network activity at a glance in real time, and quickly perform policy, firmware and pattern updates for the EtherCatch and EtherFire series.

Pattern-based virtual patching and intelligent threat protection

Frequent patching significantly reduces a system's vulnerability to cyber threats. However, this remains a critical challenge in OT environments. "Virtual patching" techniques can complement existing patch management processes by shielding against vulnerabilities. Virtual patching acts as an agentless emergency security tool that network administrators and operators can quickly deploy to remediate vulnerabilities on affected OT devices.

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