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ASSA ABLOY PULSE brings access control to more than just doors, without batteries or wires

London, May 2022 – Business often face limitations when they try to bring all access points inside and outside their building into an access control system. Gates, remote sites, cabinets and other points are a specification challenge. Now the new DIN-range of PULSE self-powered electronic cylinders and keys allows businesses to overcome this hurdle, without any need for drilling during installation.

PULSE key-operated access control is self-powered using energy harvesting technology: Devices run without any external energy source at the door, neither wires nor batteries. The PULSE cylinder range includes door locks, cam-locks, furniture locks and padlocks which can operate outdoors in the harshest climates. Almost any cylinder can be switched for a PULSE device and connected without wires or drilling.

To unlock, a user simply inserts and turns their programmable PULSE key. The power generated is harvested to energize the lock’s encrypted electronic security. Once authorized by the Incedoä Business management system, the lock opens.

Managing PULSE devices is straightforward. From the Incedo interface, a facility manager programs each PULSE key with the exact unlocking permissions the keyholder needs. If a key goes missing, a few clicks cancels it and restores site security.

Convenient, scalable and easy to manage

Users find PULSE easy, because on the surface, a PULSE lock appears to work just like any other — with a major benefit: Their single PULSE key unlocks every opening where they are authorized. One key pre-programmed carries all their cleared permissions, no matter how many doors they need to open.

For maximum convenience, a PULSE key is equipped with two authentication technologies. It may be used, like a traditional key, to turn in the PULSE lock and generate power. The same key also doubles as an RFID credential, able to unlock doors equipped with a wireless or wired RFID reader. For users and building managers, this is much more convenient than carrying or issuing two separate credentials.

Businesses have the option to start small — with a handful of PULSE cylinders, padlocks and cabinet locks, for example — and grow an Incedo Business system as their needs change. The initial investment in hardware or software is always protected, because Incedo is built to expand on demand, rather than to replace.

PULSE locks with energy harvesting technology provide this gateway to a flexible, scalable system controlled from one Incedo Business interface. They can meet the needs of a moving organization — without compromises, now or in the future.

Control PULSE locks — and more — from a single, flexible system

Security managers and company directors can be confident their investment in PULSE is future-proofed. Choosing PULSE devices does not lock anyone into a single electronic access technology: PULSE is just one hardware option within the Incedoä access control ecosystem.

For example, at one site, PULSE devices can lock server rooms, cabinets and outdoor storage facilities, while Aperio wireless locks secure offices and meeting rooms and Signo wired readers secure the main entrance.

“By connecting Pulse to the Incedo Business platform, we offer our customers a unique choice,” says Henrik Degn, Business Development Manager, PULSE at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEIA.

“Based on their needs they can manage energy-harvesting electronic locks, wireless locks and wired readers within one access control solution. Everything is controlled together from a single Incedo interface, with the option to scale up or down, adding cloud management or software services.”

To learn more about the ASSA ABLOY PULSE cylinder range, download a digital brochure at https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/pulse

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