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Energy harvesting access control solution wins at the Building Climate Awards

London, June 2022 – ASSA ABLOY’s access control technology PULSE has been recognized for its innovation in powering electronic locks with energy harvesting technology rather than batteries or mains electricity. It was awarded the Energy Prize at the 2022 Danske Byggecentre Building Climate Awards*.

The purpose of the awards is to “celebrate innovative products and solutions in construction and to increase knowledge of climate-friendly building materials.” From a shortlist of 28 products and solutions, four prizes were awarded: in Climate, Environment, Energy and Work Environment categories.

The jury included industry leaders and experts in the fields of both construction and sustainability, including Green Building Council Denmark**.

“We see an increase of businesses which are looking for energy savings across their building and facility management. There’s an increasingly urgent need to think sustainably about every product and solution that goes into a building,” says Henrik Degn, PULSE Business Development Manager EMEIA at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions.

“We are delighted that building and sustainability experts with such broad expertise have recognized the contribution that ASSA ABLOY PULSE access control can make.”

The benefits of PULSE for building owners and managers

PULSE programmable key-operated access control is wireless and self-powered: It runs without any external power source. The power generated when a keyholder inserts their key — kinetic energy which is usually “wasted” — is instead harvested to power the lock’s encrypted electronic security.

Installation is low impact, completed without wiring or drilling. An existing mechanical cylinder is simply swapped for a PULSE device.

“PULSE locks are also part of the Incedoäaccess control ecosystem,” adds Henrik Degn. “With this flexible, scalable access management platform, facility managers can deploy PULSE energy harvesting locking alongside other wireless and wired locking. Everything is controlled from a single software interface.”

“It’s a comprehensive solution designed to save time and money for building managers — and the only energy harvesting locking solution which offers control from the cloud.”

With Incedoä Business Cloud, security teams can manage a wide range of access points and users remotely, while maintaining complete control over all their buildings — working smarter and more effectively.

They can deploy PULSE cylinders, padlocks and cabinet locks alongside electronic locking solutions for almost any opening or application. For users, a single, programmable PULSE key can unlock every PULSE cylinder or padlock. Its integrated RFID chip can also operate wireless or wired doors.

The 2022 Danske Byggecentre Energy Prize was presented in early May, at a special ceremony in Copenhagen, Denmark.

ASSA ABLOY PULSE was also recognized recently with a Trophées d’Innovation Silver Award presented at Expoprotection Sécurité in Paris.

To learn more about ASSA ABLOY PULSE, download a free Solution Guide at https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/pulse

*: www.dagensbyggeri.dk/artikel/118280-vinderne-af-byggeriets-klimapriser-imponerer
**: https://byggerimessen.dk/OmByggeri%c2%b423/klimapriserne

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