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Seek Thermal: RevealPro

Seek Thermal: Thermal Camera with integrated Flashlight

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RevealPro from Seek Thermal is a stand-alone high resolution thermal camera. The resolution of 320x240 pixels is normally found in cameras in the €2000-5000 range. This allows for survey, search and rescue in the dark. Objects can be identified up to 160 meters away.

The frame rate of  >15Hz allows for smoother pictures while scanning an area. Temperature of objects are shown on the 2,4” display. RevealPro includes an integrated 300 Lumen LED-Flashlight, to light up the dark for the human eye. The rechargeable battery is charged per USB-Cable. Pictures are stored on the included 4GB Micro SD-Card and can be downloaded per USB-Cable. RevealPro creates an improved level of safety and awareness in diverse situations.

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