05/15/2022 • Fire prevention • Machine safety, industrial safety

Linde Protected Solutions: Linde Safety Guard

Linde Protected Solutions: Safety Assistance System

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The safety assistance system Linde Safety Guard is based on ultra-wideband technology and works in the high-frequency range. The big advantage is that the signal goes through walls and does not affect other networks (WLAN, Bluetooth or RFID). Furthermore, such a function has not previously been possible in Atex areas, since the components must be specially protected so that they do not represent an ignition source themselves.

The various functions help fleet operators in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industries to avoid accidents that can have particularly serious consequences in sensitive environments. Equipped with a "truck unit" certified for zones 2/22, the explosion-proof industrial trucks recognize each other and automatically slow down as soon as they fall below a previously defined distance.

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