02/23/2022 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Matrox Design Assistant

Vision software released in version 2109

Matrox Imaging has introduced version 2109 of its Design Assistant X vision software. It is available in Germany and Austria through Rauscher.

With a host of new features, version 2109 of Matrox Imaging's Design Assistant X vision software accelerates and simplifies application development. It has been optimized primarily for use in 3D imaging applications. It includes improved 3D rendering and meshing capabilities for visualizing 3D scan data, as well as new algorithms for cropping point clouds and calculating the volume of inspection objects.

Vision Software Supports OPC UA, HDR and Deep Learning

Other key enhancements include the ability to communicate with OPC UA to interact with manufacturing systems in accordance with Industry 4.0, the inclusion of High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging for images with improved contrast, the use of operator interface charts to graphically display results and trends, and runtime execution monitoring and reporting for easier troubleshooting and optimization in projects. Also added are support for Matrox's Iris GTX series intelligent cameras and the MIL Copilot tool for effective training of deep learning classifiers.

Matrox Imaging's interactive Design Assistant software combines the flexibility of image processing libraries with the simplicity of vision sensors. It enables program creation for 2D and 3D imaging systems based on PC systems or intelligent cameras, as well as for time-of-flight, SWIR, or multi-camera projects.

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