06/30/2021 • Laboratory appliances

Bioinert (U)HPLC columns for bio analyses and coordinating compounds

Several substances are able to interact with normal inert column hardware materials such as stainless steel or titanium. The absorption on metallic surfaces typically leads to peak tailing, loss of recovery and sample carry over. The biocompatible, metal-free YMC-Triart-(U)HPLC columns are suitable for critical substances such as selected proteins/peptides, nucleotides, oligonucleotides and metal-coordinating small molecules e. g., organophosphates, resulting in excellent peak shapes with no carry-over effects. All YMC-Triart phases with 1.9 µm for UHPLC or 3 and 5 µm for HPLC are available in this metal-free hardware. Eight modifications with standard or wide pores cover small and bio molecules, e.g. C18, Bio C18/C4, PFP or Diol-HILIC.

These so-called metal-free YMC-Triart columns are fully (bio)inert due to their Peek-lined stainless steel column body and the use of Peek frits, while maintaining the same pressure limits as for the corresponding standard steel UHPLC/HPLC columns. Due to the organic/inorganic hybrid silica base material, YMC-Triart stationary phases contain virtually no metal impurities. In combination with the bioinert metal-free column hardware and metal-free chromatography systems, YMC-Triart columns show excellent peak shapes for sensitive compounds, prevent carry over effects and are ideal for the use of highly sensitive LC/MS analyses.

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