06/30/2021 • Microscopy / Imaging

Oculyze IAP Image Analysis Platform

At the core, Oculyze is an image recognition platform to perform expert analysis in a reproducible and automated manner in the cloud. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Oculyze has moved image recognition for lab instruments from the lab bench to the cloud. They automate image analysis expertise by combining methodical pattern recognition with artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning. The platform is already used by hundreds of customers worldwide to perform yeast analysis and is also available to partners to automate their own image analysis pipeline. For this purpose, they create custom solutions which are directly integrated into the existing process via the API.

With the image analysis platform, you can save hundreds of man-hours that would otherwise have been spent on manual work. Automating image analysis ensures accurate results and secure data management in less time, so you can leverage your resources to add value to your business.

The customized image recognition software can be fully integrated with an existing software through the API and results can be viewed and analyzed regardless of location.

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