06/30/2021 • Microscopy / Imaging

Aquamonitrix Nitrate and Nitrite Analyser

Aquamonitrix is a robust and portable low-cost analyzer for in-situ nitrite and nitrate monitoring in natural and industrial waters. The analyzer is based on rapid ion chromatography and UV LED detection. Through the use of a 235 nm LED, selective detection of nitrite and nitrate is enabled. Analyte concentrations are transmitted via a custom IOT platform allowing remote access of real-time water quality data and in-depth analytics for improved water quality management and process control within water treatment facilities. The analyzer requires no site preparation and no hazardous reagents.

It can be deployed for over 1200 sampling runs before requiring recalibration or servicing - equivalent to 200 days deployment, based on 6 samples per day. The analyzer has successfully been deployed for up to three months within the most challenging of sample matrices, including septic waters, waste waters and industrial effluent, delivering an accuracy of >90% during the deployment periods.

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