06/30/2021 • Microscopy / Imaging

fluidlab R-300 - Cellcounter and Spectrometer in one handheld device

The fluidlab R-300 combines two central lab technologies in one handheld device: spectrometry and cell counting.

- Enabling staining-free viability analysis by using next gen holographic imaging
- Measuring directly under the clean bench to prevent sample contamination
- Measuring heterogeneous samples and using the cell size histogram to distinguish between different sized cells
- Cell counting of a broad range of cell types based on neural networks
- Inspecting the full extinction spectrum between 375 nm to 700 nm at one glance
- Generating, saving and retrospectively adapting calibration curves for the quantification of unknown samples
- Transferring quantitative data and images to an external device

The fluidlab R-300 is the smallest, most comfortable laboratory instrument on the market. It combines a full-fledged spectrometer with an automatic cell counter. Its intuitive handling and precise measurements make the fluidlab R-300 the laboratory instrument of the future. With standard cuvettes as well as with glass sample carriers from Anvajo a variety of analyses such as absorbance, automatic cell counting and staining-free viability measurements can be performed.

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