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Wibu-Systems: AxProtector Python

Wibu-Systems: Intellectual property protection and license management

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CodeMeter Protection Suite helps software developers to encrypt generated native software or bytecode for .NET or Java. Encrypted components are protected against reverse engineering and can only be used with a suitable license.

The Python programming language has enjoyed particular popularity again for some time, and is used in particular in the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Not least in industry, the protection of Python applications therefore plays a central role.

As the newest component of CodeMeter Protection Suite, AxProtector Python adds the ability to encrypt Python functions and classes in the source code. It protects intellectual property and supports all of Wibu-Systems’ license management capabilities. AxProtector Python is the world’s first solution offering direct source code protection in a script language. This allows developers to use modern, open-source programming languages without the need to reveal their IP to the world.

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