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MB connect line: mbNET.rokey

MB connect line: Industrial router with security chip and secure boot concept

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The mbNET.rokey industrial router enables secure access to machines and devices via the Internet. Thanks to hardware-based storage of certificates and encryption, data communication and the router itself are much less vulnerable to attack.

A security chip (secure element) serves as a secure safe for passwords, certificates and keys. These can neither be read out nor manipulated. Process and application data are each stored in an encrypted container. The security of the router itself is ensured by a hard-coded boot loader (Secure Boot), which only accepts signed firmware updates that match the stored security certificate (Secure Firmware).

With mbNET.rokey, plant personnel decide directly at the machine which connection type is possible: Offline: no communication possible, online: Data acquisition active, but no remote maintenance possible, remote: data acquisition active and remote maintenance enabled.

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