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With new Incedo Business Plus from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions, you can control door access and a whole lot more

London, April 2021 — For dynamic businesses, an access and security system must be built to grow. The Incedo platform connects security software and hardware within a single, seamless system, enabling scaling up or down on demand. Now our new Incedo Business Plus system management option enables security personnel to control door access alongside third-party solutions for video surveillance, alarms and more — from a unified, intuitive interface.

Incedo Business Plus gives facility managers even more control over their premises. One integrated software system simplifies building management across an organization and offers time & attendance or visitor management reports, no matter how large, small or complex.

“Integrating multiple functions is a pressing challenge for large organizations and multinationals in particular,” says Kevin Hoare, Product Unit Director at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEA. “We created Incedo Business Plus to help meet these challenges. It seamlessly connects not only access and door control, but also security functions such as alarms and CCTV. The powerful, intuitive Incedo Business Plus system manages door locking options from ASSA ABLOY’s award-winning range alongside third-party security solutions.”

With Incedo Business Plus, reporting is faster and more responsive to a growing business’ needs. Joined-up, synchronized building management becomes a reality — in even the largest organization spread over multiple locations. People move around more safely and efficiently. Incedo Business Plus simplifies security for every business where change is a constant.

Integrating an enterprise for improved time- and cost-efficiency

Incedo Business Plus helps solve many challenges in future-proofing an organization’s security. API integrations will enable video surveillance and alarm systems that can be added alongside access and door entry — key priorities for integrated management, according to a survey of security professionals for the recent Wireless Access Control Report 2021*.

Integrating these functions saves employees’ time and reduces administration errors**. Security teams no longer maintain multiple systems in parallel: Incedo Business Plus controls them all. An Incedo system can incorporate wired and wireless locks, of all types. Even hundreds of doors or thousands of users present no problem. “Business in the 2020s will not stand still, so there is no reason your security management should be static,” Kevin Hoare adds.

Incedo moves with you, today and in the future

New Incedo-enabled hardware from ASSA ABLOY and third-party providers will continue to extend the evolving Incedo ecosystem. Incedo’s modular, platform approach makes extending capability simpler. It guarantees flexibility and scalability in every direction, to meet security needs today and in the future.

“Single- or multi-site businesses looking for genuinely future-proofed access and security management will find what they are looking for with Incedo Business Plus,” says Kevin Hoare.

Incedo™ Business Plus embodies ASSA ABLOY’s vision to create a safer and more open world, keeping everyone on the move. Together. To learn more and download a free solution guide, visit campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/incedo-business-plus

*: download this free 19-page report at https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/wacreport2021

**: Wireless Access Control Report 2021, p. 12

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