06/30/2020 • Microscopy / Imaging

WITec: Particlescout

WITec: Particle Analysis Tool

Particlescout is an advanced particle analysis tool that finds, classifies and identifies microparticles over even large sample areas faster than ever before. The entire microparticle analysis workflow is streamlined and accelerated by the tool. It increases the rate with which measurements can be performed and the number of particles that can be evaluated while maintaining all of the precision and power of Raman microscopy.

Raman imaging is a fast, label-free and non-destructive chemical characterization method. These spectra, the chemical fingerprints of the substances in the particles, can be viewed and evaluated individually or with a Raman spectral database management software. With Particlescout, a time-consuming sequence of individual steps was transformed into a continuous and quickly executable process.

Further information: https://www.witec.de/products/accessories/particlescout/

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