06/30/2020 • Microscopy / Imaging

Sensific: ODIN

Sensific: High-Speed Sensor

ODIN is a completely autonomous, camera-based high-speed sensor that evaluates up to 10.000 images per second in real time. The sensor has a comprehensive and user-friendly interface. It can evaluate marker-free images as well as fluorescence based images fully automatically. Smart algorithms for background deduction ensure a high signal-to-noise ratio and long-term stability.

ODIN is optimized for fully automatic detection, analysis and characterization of all types of particles, such as cells, bacteria, nematodes or even complex structures in droplet based microfluidics. ODIN calculates over 30 parameters for each object, such as size, brightness, granularity and position, which can be used as freely combinable criteria to control a sorting device. Everything is done at an enormous speed, so that even fast applications are no problem and several thousand particles per second can be measured and sorted.

Further Information: https://www.sensific.de/odin-optical-sensor/using-odin-example/

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