06/29/2020 • Automation

Trioptics: Measurement device for camera lenses OptiSpheric HR

The OptiSpheric® HR is a further development of the classical OptiSpheric®. It is designed for high precision measurement of the flange focal length (FFL) for short focal length lenses with an effective focal length (EFL) of 0.3 mm to 12 mm. The high measurement accuracy of ±4 μm and the repeatability of 2 μm for the FFL are achieved by the automated and extremely precise positioning of the measuring head. With its inverse set-up the object-side collimator is located at the top, the image-side detector below the sample. This ensures the reproducible positioning of the sample directly on the reference surface for measuring the flange focal length – the sample holder.

Innovation: OptiSpheric® is the industry standard for non-contact measurement of basic axial optical and mechanical parameters such as the effective focal length (EFL), back focal length (BFL), flange focal length (FFL), radius of curvature (RoC) and modulation transfer function (MTF). Flange focal length is of particular importance in the manufacture of camera lenses, since it determines the distance between the lens and the camera sensor and thus the position of the focus on the camera chip. With the trend to place high-precision cameras in small spaces (e.g. in smartphones), high-precision EFL and FFL measurements on short focal length camera lenses become necessary. This challenge can now be met by the OptiSpheric® HR with easy handling.



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