05/26/2020 • Security, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection • Security Management, Access Control, Time Attendance

PCS Systemtechnik: Intus 1600PS-II

PCS Systemtechnik: Hand Vein Access Terminal

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Intus 1600PS-II is a convenient and highly secure biometric access terminal that recognizes persons based on the pattern of their hand veins. Primarily developed for the protection of high-security areas, it also masters the use in comfort applications. It focuses on the security of all system components. The templates are encrypted while still in the sensor and the terminal then transmits this data via secure lines to the protected area.

The sabotage contact detects any manipulation of the terminal. Multifactor Authentication ensures maximum security during recognition. The new version also detects people with shaky hands and operates in direct sunlight up to 80.000 Lux. The uniqueness and innovation lie in the combination of the highly sensitive sensor technology, which enables highly secure access control for rooms that are particularly worth protecting, with simplified application that offers the user a high level of user comfort.

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