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Securiton: SecuriRAS ASD

Securiton: Aspirating Smoke Detector

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The SecuriRAS ASD model family offers the right aspirating smoke detector for every application and allows scalable use in addition to high-sensitivity fire detection. The SecuriRAS ASD 535 monitors areas of up to 5,600 m². It features one of the most powerful fans available on the market and is suitable for use in large halls, cleanrooms and frozen storage warehouses. The compact SecuriRAS ASD 532 device, on the other hand, is used in lift shafts or IT racks. The alarm series also includes a heavy-duty version, which is designed for harsh environments. The electronics can withstand aggressive fumes or chlorine gas thanks to a protective coating.

The smoke particle measurement sensitivity can be selected between a minimum of 0.002%/m and a maximum of 10%/m on all devices. In addition, a comprehensive range of accessories completes the ASD family: various sampling pipes made from PVC, ABS or copper, dust filters, water extractors etc.

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