05/24/2018 • Automation

XRH RobotStar X-ray Robot-System

Automated X-ray inspection of casting parts

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The XRH RobotStar is a digital X-ray robot-system that allows an ultra-fast in-line inspection. The innovative Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) and optimized processes make it the fasted in-line system worldwide. The throughput can be increased by using a cluster of several systems. The underlying principle is that a loading robot on the outside handles the incoming parts and distributes the inspected parts, while the robot on the inside has a C-Arm with mounted X-ray components. The acquired images are automatically processed by the in-house developed ADR and checked for critical defects or other user defined criteria.

The patented system is Industry 4.0 ready and used mainly by automotive suppliers with high production volume. This system is innovative in many different ways. First of all, VisiConsult was granted a patent for its novel operation principle. The highly parallelized setup allows shortest cycle times. As an example: A medium sized casting part of roughly 500 mm has a total cycle time of 16 seconds with a total amount of 10 test positions. VisiConsult as a solution provider for customized X-ray systems adapts the system directly on the existing manufacturing line for every customer.

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