05/23/2018 • Automation

Gocator Volume Checker

Non-contact volume inspection

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Tactile coordinate measuring machines (e.g., CMMs) can accomplish volume gauging with a high degree of accuracy. However, this method can take more than 2 minutes per chamber, and all chambers need to be measured. For automotive component suppliers who need to verify high tolerances on medium-sized internal combustion engines (ICEs), LMI Technologies has designed a 3D non-contact inspection method to replace manual measurement approaches.

This automated non-contact 3D solution, called Gocator Volume Checker, leverages several technologies (including a Gocator 3210 3D smart snapshot sensor, Gocator Development Kit, Gocator Accelerator, and a Master networking hub) to achieve high-speed, accurate volume measurement of engine cylinder heads and piston bowls. Gocator 3210 is the hardware platform of the Volume Checker solution. The 3210 is a metrology-grade, inline ready snapshot sensor that scans at 35 μm resolution and is ideal for detecting features on large targets such as automotive cylinders.

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