05/22/2018 • Automation

Image IR Thermal Imaging Cameras

Higher frame rates and higher resolution

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When solving demanding thermal measurement and testing tasks, users of thermal imaging cameras with cooled detectors usually face a difficult decision: Should thermograms be acquired in a specific field of view (FOV) with a full, usually native, pixel number and the resulting high spatial resolution? Or should sequences be recorded and stored at a high frame rate in this FOV to ensure a high temporal resolution? Both at the same time is not possible, because the readout speed of the cameras limits their frame rate for a given number of pixels.

InfraTec has now resolved this balancing act and offers an entirely new level of flexibility for its high‐end camera series Image IR. Users can choose between two speed modes for the same camera. In standard mode, the familiar frame rates for full frame, half frame and sub‐frame are available with full spatial resolution. In high‐speed mode, images can be taken with the identical FOV – while the frame rates increase to more than three times the previous value.

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