06/01/2018 • Machine safety, industrial safety

ICU HI VIS 3 Layer Shell Jacket

Self-lighting Safety Jacket

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The safety jacket from the ICU collection offers visibility in the dark and protection in all weather conditions. With the integrated Light-Flex technology, people are even perceived without direct light and from a long distance: A reliable, active light source made of waterproof light strips, which are powered by a rechargeable battery, improve visibility and safety in all lighting conditions.

An active light source is added to the passive reflectors and thus increase the visibility, even over long distances. This makes the wearer nearly 10 times more visible, day or night. The battery will last up to 10 hours. Once battery life is up, plug it in for an easy 90-minute recharge. Even when the battery is charging, the system maintains its reflective benefits when visibility is a priority.

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