06/01/2018 • Machine safety, industrial safety

HoldX R

Safe Magnetic Interlock

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The small designed magnetic interlock HoldX R combines a safe contactless RFID safety sensor with an intelligent electromagnet. With an in- and outgoing pigtail cable, up to 17 HoldX R can be connected in series. The cable is just being looped through HoldX to HoldX helping to reduce the cabling effort. The newest feature is an internal information bus that needs no special gateway,
 but allows you to get information and control every single unit separately. With a bluetooth interface inside, HoldX can even be connected to an app, delivering all status information and an error memory to the operator. A multi-coloured LED using pulsed signals also gives visual information to the operator. The combination of magnetic interlock and safety sensor itself is not really new. HoldX R differs from competing products with its series connections, the internal information bus and the Bluetooth interface. The series connection with in- and outgoing Pigtail-Cables up to 17 units does not need any Y-connector or similar accessories. The addressing is easily done with a manual rotary switch on the unit. This way every Unit knows which node it is.

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