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Wireless Real-Time Communication

What is the EchoRing™ Evaluation Kit and what can I do with it?

The EchoRing™ Evaluation Kit is the first product on the market that uses the EchoRing™ wireless technology. The Evaluation Kit has been designed for you to test the real-time and ultra-robust performance of EchoRing™ under the real-world conditions on your factory floor. Replacing existing Ethernet-based communications links with the Evaluation Kit is as easy as plugging the RJ45 equipped network cable into the matching outlets of the Evaluation Stations. Moreover, you can try different settings and find the best-suited configuration for your environment by using the web-based configuration and measurement tool that is included.

What is EchoRing™?

EchoRing™ (by R3 Communications) is a wireless communications technology that opens up for machine and system designs which take resource efficiency, operation scalability and machine safety to the next level. This technology is a pure software solution with a real-time and high-reliability performance that meets the highest industrial requirements in timecritical applications.

How does EchoRing™ integrate in different systems?

The EchoRing™ software can be integrated into a system in two different ways: either as a firmware update of the radio chip or in its driver. The end application will determine the way EchoRing™ is used, however, for real-time applications the firmware update integration is the one providing the best performance. Currently, EchoRing™ runs on the WiLink™ 8 radio chip family of Texas Instruments, a cooperation partner of R3 Communications. In the case that your product already uses a WiLink™ 8 radio chip, the integration of EchoRing™ is a simple firmware update. Otherwise, the radio chip can be easily integrated into your layout or, if you do not want to integrate a wireless module into your products, you can use a thirdparty card that has a WiLink™ 8. The support of EchoRing™ in other radio chip platforms is already in preparation.

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