06/01/2018 • Machine safety, industrial safety

MLC 500

Safety Light Curtain with Smart Process Gating

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The MLC 500 safety light curtain variants with Smart Process Gating (SPG) are used for access guarding with material transport. Process control for the gating process takes place in combination with the system control. This means otherwise necessary muting sensors can be omitted. The process is controlled via two signals: the first signal is sent by the control (PLC) while the second signal is generated by the protective field itself. The temporal sequence is controlled by the light curtain. The PLC signal must be generated so that the transport material is at a distance of 200 mm or less from the light curtain when gating is initiated. MLC 530 Smart Process Gating is TÜV-certified for safety. SPG allows the system to be very compact and thus saves valuable space. Increased reliability and a diminished risk of manipulation ensure high system availability. Even pallets with uneven loads (e.g., parts on only one side or gaps between loads) are also reliably transported. The process also works regardless of the surface type of the transported goods (matte or highly reflective). Low installation and maintenance effort (simple installation, no adjustment of sensors when changing the transported goods).


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