06/01/2018 • Security, Video Security, Video Surveillance

SkyHawk AI

Hard Drive for AI-Enabled Video Surveillance Solutions

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SkyHawk AI is a video surveillance solution specifically designed for AI-enabled applications. Built on Seagate's decade-long experience in providing video-surveillance-optimized storage solutions, the HDD provides unprecedented bandwidth and computing power to manage continuous, data-intensive workloads. SkyHawk AI is ideal for compute-intensive workloads of AI workflows. High throughput and improved caching ensure low latency and excellent random read performance to quickly locate images and provide video for analysis. This eliminates latency when exchanging and processing cloud-based data. The included ImagePerfect AI firmware reliably captures high-quality, high-fidelity video while simplifying AI-enabled NVR analysis. This ensures that the information obtained by recording is not lost.


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