05/17/2018 • Image processing / Optical metrology

VPU Platform Smart Camera

High-speed processing real-time images

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Given Hikvision´s extensive background and technology advantage in audio and video, imaging acquisition, core algorithms and other areas, Hikvision has researched and developed VPU Platform Smart Camera. This camera is embedded with Intel-based artificial intelligence platform-Movidius VPU chip, which can be widely applied in 3C manufacturing, auto parts and electronic semiconductors. The chip is equipped with 12-core processor and two 32-bit RISC, providing superior algorithm performance and flexibility. In addition, the acceleration of the hardware system is optimized for visual processing.  In order to ensure good performance and function, VPU adopting more advanced integrated circuit technology, greatly reducing the size of the sensor and making device miniaturized. Meanwhile, VPU is combined with technical means effectively to reduce the power consumption of each computing unit.

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