05/16/2018 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Phoenix GigE PoE Kamera

How compact can a GigE Vision camera get?

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The Phoenix camera uses a unique, compact design that can be transformed into different configurations for various OEM applications. Phoenix provides a Gigabit Ethernet connection that is widely compatible and easy to integrate for device control and communication. The camera is paired with an NF-mount lens which provides 40% space saving while maintaining the same imaging performance when compared to similar C-mount lenses. The camera uses the latest Sony Pregius global shutter CMOS technology, resulting in a price competitive product without sacrificing image quality and features.

According to Lucid, with a 24 mm x 24 mm width and height, the Phoenix is currently the smallest GigE PoE camera in the machine vision industry. The unique four board design creates a micro compact and light weight form factor, making the camera easier to integrate. The Phoenix board layout is tri-folded into a stacked camera where it resembles a traditional cased camera shape. However, individual board stacks can be unfolded to various degrees to best fit the application. For example, it can be used as a 90° angle camera shape for corner mounting or even as a 180° angle shape for the ultimate custom fit.

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