06/01/2017 • Security, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection • Security, Video Security, Video Surveillance


High-Capacity Surveillance Storage

Auryn is ideal for deployments requiring a large centralized storage solution for surveillance data as it offers simple plug and play deployment and provides up to 112 drives and 672TB of capacity.

Auryn creates a centralized storage pool that can be easily managed for your deployment of a few to thousands of cameras. Since Auryn is an open platform storage solution, it can be used together with a wide range of VMS and cameras from different vendors and it is also analytics ready. Auryn is a purpose-built solution for the 24/7 video surveillance environment. It’s not pieced together hardware designed for IT applications. Auryn comes equipped with a range of features designed specifically to deliver the best performance in video surveillance environments: Opas is a fast hardware diagnostic mechanism to keep surveillance systems up and running. PerfectRebuild delivers fast recovery from hard drive failures for continuous surveillance video recording and playback. The Online LUN clone is a preventive disaster recovery mechanism for video surveillance. It saves two copies of surveillance video, so if one is damaged the video is still safe somewhere else.

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