09/02/2016 • Security Management, Access Control, Time Attendance

maxx 64

Key cabinet with up to 64 slots

proxSafe maxx is a key management system that combines the advantages of a superior electronic system with an architecturally designed appearance. The smart design allows application in all situations where the visual appearance counts as well as reliable technology. Thanks to the automatic roller shutter this cabinet needs only little space for operation. The cabinet opens and closes automatically.

A proxSafe maxx cabinet manages up to 64 keys. Several cabinets can be combined to form a large complete system. Together with the proxSafe Terminal and the proxSafe Commander software this is an easy-to-install key management system which can be adapted to changing requirements at any time. The generous resident memory of the user terminal allows operation even if the network fails, and a back-up battery bridges in case of power failures.

An emergency key is provided in order to allow manual access to the cabinets and keyTags if necessary. The keyTags and slots are designed for rugged operation. There are no electrical contacts on the keyTags. Dirt, corrosion or wear by daily operation are impossible. The proxSafe keyTags require no maintenance. All proxSafe housings are equipped with tamper contacts and 4 relays which can indicate various alarms via the network and locally.


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