09/02/2016 • Security, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection


The data collectors

The guardix II and the guardiX II-EX are extremely handy and easy to operate devices. They read in data from RFID based checkpoints wirelessly. Read data is date/time stamped and stored for subsequent transmission and processing. Optical signals and vibration provide the user with immediate feedback that data has been successfully acquired at the respective checkpoint.

With its simple design without any moving parts the guardiX II is ideally suited for a harsh environment and everyday use. Vibration feedback confirming data has been acquired successfully at a checkpoint is a huge advantage when guard tours need to be carried out discreetly or in loud environments.

The extremely long battery life provides sufficient power for close to 500,000 readings, to which the energy-efficient vibration function also contributes. In addition to the known deister checkpoints the guardiX II-EX also reads other deister RFID transponders and, naturally, it is also compatible with the entire range of evaluation software from deister electronic.


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