07/13/2016 • Security Management, Access Control, Time Attendance

prime MobileApp

Mobile solutions for timekeeping and access control

Check working times and manage security systems while on the go.

With the prime MobileApp for mobile devices you can check your working times easily or control and monitor your access control while on the go.

Only requirement: An operating system by Windows, Android or Apple iOS; the browser must support HTML5 and CSS. The prime MobileApp is an extension of the prime WebSystem software and uses the browser.

You can install an icon on your homepage for quick access. The use of timekeeping and access control can be configured individually and can also be restricted. The prime MobileApp displays various booking types and balances, e.g. for remaining holidays. With the encrypted communication, the management of the doors stored in the system is also possible.

The mobile terminal MATS 1500 is multifunctional. It collects your employees’ working hours, opens doors via NFC or biometric characteristics, receives and sends voice, video and image messages and can be configured according to your needs. The secure submission of data is guaranteed.

Mobile apps are an efficient, cost-effective and secure solution for field services, extensive grounds, construction sites or large businesses with several building complexes.

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