06/17/2016 • Automation • Machine safety, industrial safety

3D Coverage

Pfannenberg 3D Coverage creates planning certainty for signaling solutions

Pfannenberg 3D Coverage creates planning certainty for signaling solutions  

Audible and visual signaling devices can significantly reduce residual risk in the workplace. However, they only provide effective protection for people and property if the correct devices are chosen for the application. "3D Coverage", a new practical demonstration method devised by Pfannenberg, for the first time visualises the actual performance of signaling devices in a given space under real environmental conditions, thus helping planners to design and specify ideal signaling solutions.  

Efficiency depends on where the device is used

Not every signaling device fulfils the requirements of an alerting device. In order to select the appropriate signaling device, it is essential that the environmental conditions at the location where it is to be used are taken into account. Every space presents different requirements: factors such as the size and architectural features of the space, the way light falls, the signal tone used, the ambient noise level and the type and position of the workspaces in the area are crucial factors influencing the performance required of the signaling devices.  

Hidden differences are revealed

Pfannenberg 3D coverage calculates a value which goes beyond the information traditionally supplied on a technical data sheet. Planning with Pfannenberg 3D Coverage makes it possible to visualise and compare the performance of signaling devices taking account of the actual environmental conditions for every application and type of alert, irrespective of whether it is intended for fire alerting, machine and instrument safety, gas alerting or general workplace safety. It provides safety officers with reliable information even at the planning stage about the actual capability of the signaling devices for their application, indicating the number of signaling devices required and allowing accurate specification of the system.For example, the coverage volume of audible signaling devices is always determined after consideration of the ambient noise in dB(A) and the signal tone (e.g. DIN tone). It is specified through the height, width and length of the space to be covered by the signal.  

Practical planning aid

Individual values can also be calculated with the cost-free online planning tool, Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS). In PSS, Pfannenberg offers a free and user-friendly tool which provides an instant, informed recommendation for the optimum signaling devices and their positioning. Taking into account individual environmental conditions, users can avoid expensive over-specification and risky under-specification at the planning stage or when they review the configuration. PSS is available online and to download at www.pfannenberg.com/pss_de

Better planning certainty  

Summary: The efficient planning tool Pfannenberg 3D Coverage offers certain protection from incorrect dimensioning and reliable compliance with industrial norms and regulations. The new demonstration method also optimises cost and energy efficiency, as it allows the exact costs and power consumption per cubic meter of the coverage volume to be determined. Last, but not least, Pfannenberg 3D Coverage improves machine availability and reduces the risk of accidents which in turn makes the user more competitive.

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