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MBJ CTR-50 & CTR-52

LED Controller - Top hat rail mounting

The new CTR-50 LED controller by MBJ Imaging offers more convenience and an even simpler handling. Top hat rail mounting allows for an easy integration in established systems of the automation technology. The CTR-50 is the ideal integral part for the external control of LED modules in flash and continuousmode.

Configuration and operation are simply done via rotary switches. The CTR-50 is run by a 24V power supply. All MBJ LED lightings are recognised securely and the RSense technology allows for a safe operation of the LEDs. Of course other LED lightings can easily be connected.

The CTR-50 is able to operate up to 2A in continuous mode and 3A in flash mode from about 70?s pulse length and possesses NPN/PNP/TTL trigger inputs as well as a 0 to 10V dimmer input for analogue brightness control.  

The CTR-52 version can be operated via RS232 remote control. It also possesses a 12V output for a direct camera power supply, thus an additional 12V power supply pack is not necessary.

The CTR-50 guarantees long lasting and reliable operation. Camera and lighting go hand in hand and guarantee a reliable operation of the image processing system. As with all MBJ products the price - performance - ratio of the new CTR-50 is unbeatable.


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